Window and door (porte sezionali) maintenance is essential to keep them working correctly and looking great. It is necessary for the enjoyment of convenience and comfort in our property. In the long run, it also saves money, as replacement costs can be high.

But what do you have to do to maintain them? To help you always have your doors and windows working and looking like the first day, follow the read at brief instruction, 5 Simple Window, and Door Maintenance Tips:


Depending on the weather and environmental conditions of the place where you have your property, as a standard rule, the maintenance of sliding doors and windows is advisable to perform once a quarter/year, perfectly adjustable according to the conditions indicated at the beginning. There will be other less exposed units that will require another frequency, at least 1-2 times a year. Of course, in case of a strong storm that dirties your units or causes debris to get trapped in them, it is better to fix it immediately.


At least once every three months, vacuum debris. Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum and remove impurities such as dirt and solid elements that could build up and cause your sliding units to stop working properly or cause damage over time.

Usually, all sliding units have drain holes; check that the drain or “drain” holes in your units are clear of obstructions both inside and outside the door or window frame. These holes are designed to prevent water buildup on the rails, moisture damage, and entry into your home, so you want to make sure they are clean.


Who has not ever said, “I have to clean the windows”? And it is usually the part of doors or windows that we take care of the most properly. For the windows to be spotless, they only need a little water, if possible warm, and a little soft soap such as dish soap. If you want anything a little more substantial, mix a few drops of dish soap and a half cup of white vinegar with three distilled water cups.

You can also go for ready-made formulas, the famous “glass cleaners.” Of course, never use a scouring pad as you will damage the surface of the glass. Always soft cloths or even kitchen paper or newspaper.

It is unnecessary to wash the aluminum/vinyl glass frames of your units with heavy-duty cleaners. Abrasive cleaners tend to do more harm than good because they are corrosive and deteriorate both glass and frames’ quality.


But do vinyl/aluminum profiles need maintenance different from glass? Indeed, it is essential that you also pamper these elements as they deserve to keep your doors and windows impeccable.

Remember that these types of profiles usually have a film whose purpose is to protect/free them from scratches and blows during transport and handling; you must remove them before three months have passed. If you leave it on, you run the risk that over time they crystallize, and then it will be much harder to remove it.

And yes, the profiles, like the crystals, should be cleaned frequently to maintain their shine and softness to the touch. To clean the PVC profiles, just use water (better something warm) and a little neutral soap. And as with glasses, remember never to use scourers or aggressive products or products that contain solvents.

Besides, there are specific products for cleaning PVC / aluminum profiles with which they are even more impeccable, choose the most suitable one of your preference.

The case of PVC / aluminum doors/windows only requires maintenance. However, in the case of wooden doors and windows, the process is more delicate: they need to be varnished from time to time and require a more continuous treatment since, depending on their exposure to the environment, they tend to deteriorate very quickly and If they are not properly maintained, the wood can suffer damage, lose its protection and be attacked by insects such as termites.porte basculanti also help


Finally, the fittings of your enclosures, as a general rule, require verification and rectification of their lubrication at least once a year, always with the appropriate oil, if you do not want the closing and maneuvering mechanisms to deteriorate. There are currently excellent practical hardware cleaners that will facilitate the task, and choose wisely the one that suits you best. Ah! And if you have doors or windows with sliding doors, don’t forget to clean the rails nicely.

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