Workers’ compensation is an insurance system that protects both employers and their employees. If an employee sustains an injury at work or developed an illness or condition due to the job or their workplace,workers’ compensation provides that employee with wage replacement and benefits. In exchange for workers’ compensation,the employee waives their right to sue their employers for damages; that is how the employers are protected from large personal injury lawsuits that could bankrupt their business. To guard against people taking advantage of the system,there are a number of criteria set involving proving you deserve workers compensation.

Your Injury or Condition

If you have been injured on the job,you will have to notify your employer immediately so the injury is documented,especially that it happened while you were working at your workplace. You will also need to seek medical attention immediately. This is not just in the best interest of your health,but also so that your injury is documented by a medical professional.

If you have developed a condition or illness due to your job or workplace environment,you will also have to report it to your employer,according to the best work comp lawyer . You will need to be specific about when the condition started and how it is related to your work. You will need to pay regular visits to the doctor so there are medical reports that corroborate your timeline of when the condition started and how treatment has unfolded.

Independent Medical Exam

Quite often,to be approved for workers’ compensation,you will have to undergo an independent medical exam. The medical exam will consist of an interview and then a physical exam. During the interview,the doctor will ascertain the nature of your injury,your work responsibilities,and how they are affected. The physical exam will look at your injury as well as your overall health. The medical reports will need to prove that your injury or condition has nothing to do with a preexisting condition.

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