4 key benefits of using digital mapping software

Having accurate and up to date maps is necessary for a whole range of tasks. From submitting planning applications with local councils to site analysis or pinpointing access roads to a location,accurate maps are vital. Although this has always been the case,the area has seen something of a digital revolution in recent times.

Next generation technology like drones has allowed for maps to be drawn in a faster,modern style than ever before. It is not just how mapping is carried out that has seen a big change recently though. Modern digital mapping software now offers a range benefits to those who need a better way to access these maps when created.

What are the advantages of digital maps?

When it comes to needing ordnance survey,site analysis or 3D models of the landscape,digital mapping software offers a lot of benefits. Here are some of the major ones to bear in mind.

Simple to understand

One of the best things about using digital mapping software is how easy it is to operate. Modern digital mapping systems have simple web interfaces and easy to follow navigation. Finding the data you require is as simple as logging onto the platform of your choice and locating the map or terrain model you need it is as simple as that. Even better as it is online,you can do it from anywhere you have an web connection. It is certainly a lot easier than following the more traditional ways of getting the data you need!

Fast access

Another key benefit of this type of mapping software is how fast it gives you access to the data you require. This is particularly good for any last minute jobs or time-sensitive jobs. Lots of the latest platforms will send over the maps,models and aerial photography you need almost instantly so you can keep on track. They will also usually come to you digitally in CAD ready formats so there is no need to wait for the post or travel to dig out paper maps.

Lots of maps in one place

For some jobs,you may need a range of map scales to do the job. It may be you need to look at an old map for the site in question along with an aerial photograph and some current mapping as well. Digital mapping software has all these many options in one simple to access online place. This will save you lots of time and money in finding each one individually.

Up to date results

One of the main problems with more old fashioned ways of getting the maps you need was if they were not up to date or were unlicenced. This would often be the cause of planning applications etc being rejected – very upsetting to say the least! Digital mapping software solves this problem by only offering the latest,licenced maps and photographs to use.

Let Promap help you map out the future

If you like the idea of what digital mapping software can offer,why not get in touch with Promap today on https://www.promap.co.uk ? Our innovative mapping solutions cover all types from current mapping to 3D models,aerial photography and historic mapping. With access to a huge database of the latest maps,we can make it easy to get the maps you need. Many people have used our services over the years to complete successful site location plans and planning application maps. Simply sign-up today and get the serviceyou need delivered to you quickly,ready to share or drop into your work.

10 reasons to work with a professional conference organiser

If you are organising a conference with little or no experience in conference planning and management,it is not advisable to try and wing it. You need the help of an experienced professional conference organiser. Here are 10 reasons why it is much better to use a company well experienced with setting up and running conferences than to try and do everything yourself.

1. Financial management

If a budget has been set aside by a committee for a conference,a qualified organiser can budget effectively for each part of the event. This includes specialist areas like tax compliance and bookkeeping. By rationalising the financial management of your event,you will also save money.

2. Effective promotion to sell tickets

A good conference organiser will not only be able to set up and run a conference,they will also have the abilities to fill the seats at your event,attracting the right kind of guests and delegates. This needs specific marketing skills that are acquired through the training and experience a professional conference organiser has.

3. They have expertise

Trying to do everything yourself will fast become too much,and you will struggle to get the most out of all of the many parts you are required to plan. Hiring a professional will enable you to be involved at a level you are comfortable with,giving you the time and space to make positive contributions,rather than being overwhelmed with the details.

4. A professional organiser will get the best deals

Getting the best deals when booking a venue and all the suppliers needed will help get the most out of your budget. Experienced professionals have many contacts,as they have spent their professional life cultivating business relationships with various venues and suppliers – let their connections become yours as well.

5. Get expert advice on planning

How much food do you need to buy? How long is the journey from the local airport to your venue? Experienced conference planners can take this all into account,so you don’t need to worry about it.

6. Strategic promotional services

To be sure of success,your conference needs great PR,website design,press releases and social media planning. An experienced conference planning company can take care of all these issues,which can make or finish any event.

7. Handling the administration

The devil as always is in the details. Things like taking details of a guest’s special dietary needs or ensuring there is suitable wheelchair access are vital. An experienced provider can plan for everything and will remember the little details that your guests will appreciate.

8. Time-saving

Working with an experienced company will free up time for you to concentrate on other matters. Conference organising takes up a great deal of time and energy,and you do have other responsibilities to attend to.

9. Deliver added value

A quality conference planner takes pride in providing creative,innovative experiences that exceed visitor expectations. It will be far more difficult for an amateur to create the memorable,unique experience that would be crafted by an experienced professional.

10. Reacting quickly to problems

As experts in their field,experienced conference organisers can predict potential issues and have contingency plans for when they occur. They are also adept at thinking on their feet,reacting swiftly to address any issues and challenges that arise unexpectedly.

Hiring a professional conference planner to help plan and manage your event is always a smart move. If you are tasked with organising a conference,don’t take on more than you can handle,instead contact https://brightvisionevents.co.uk to learn about our range of professional conference services.

Do You Deserve Work Comp?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance system that protects both employers and their employees. If an employee sustains an injury at work or developed an illness or condition due to the job or their workplace,workers’ compensation provides that employee with wage replacement and benefits. In exchange for workers’ compensation,the employee waives their right to sue their employers for damages; that is how the employers are protected from large personal injury lawsuits that could bankrupt their business. To guard against people taking advantage of the system,there are a number of criteria set involving proving you deserve workers compensation.

Your Injury or Condition

If you have been injured on the job,you will have to notify your employer immediately so the injury is documented,especially that it happened while you were working at your workplace. You will also need to seek medical attention immediately. This is not just in the best interest of your health,but also so that your injury is documented by a medical professional.

If you have developed a condition or illness due to your job or workplace environment,you will also have to report it to your employer,according to the best work comp lawyer . You will need to be specific about when the condition started and how it is related to your work. You will need to pay regular visits to the doctor so there are medical reports that corroborate your timeline of when the condition started and how treatment has unfolded.

Independent Medical Exam

Quite often,to be approved for workers’ compensation,you will have to undergo an independent medical exam. The medical exam will consist of an interview and then a physical exam. During the interview,the doctor will ascertain the nature of your injury,your work responsibilities,and how they are affected. The physical exam will look at your injury as well as your overall health. The medical reports will need to prove that your injury or condition has nothing to do with a preexisting condition.